SBK Manifolds

Thermal Products has been selling SBK polymer manifolds for the last 25 years and is the sole importer for the North American market. SBK has been a contractor favorite due to the modular design which allows for assembly/disassembly in the field as well as size changes on the fly.  Another truly important quality is that the components have all remained unchanged for the last 25 years, meaning every single SBK manifold in the field is still 100% serviceable to this day.

If you are interested In SBK products or looking for service parts for an existing manifold please visit our Products page

If you are in the Canadian Marketplace please contact Myers Controls with any inquiries. Contact information is on their website:

SBK Manifolds

Modular, Servicable, Expandable, Reliable

SBK Basic Manifold Kit

All components required to assemble up to 14 Port Manifold (assemble 5/16" threaded rod)

  • main brass connection blocks, drain, air vent with 1/2NPT bushing, end-caps, o-rings, wall bracket

  • Dimensional chart for cutting threaded rod 2-12 ports. Tools required: Pliers, 5/16" Nut driver

  • For use with 18TPI 5/16" threaded rod

Isolation Valve Set

1" NPT ball balve isolation set

SBK Return Port

Contains adjustable flowmeter

SBK Supply Port

Contains supply valve, accepts 24V actuator

SBK Manifold Actuator with End Switch

24V with adapter ring and endswitch wires

SBK Manifold Actuator

24v comes with manifold adapter ring

Replacement Flow Meter

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Replacement Supply Valve

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